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I could hear the voice of Spirit!

Why do I want to help people?

I realized when I was young that I was able to connect with loved ones who died. As a certified psychic medium, I connect with "SPIRIT," - the person's soul energy who passed away. I believe it's my life's mission to help others.


Why Am I a Psychic Medium?

I could hear the faint sounds of Spirit when I was eight years old after my beloved grandfather passed away, and I knew that I didn't imagine his voice calling me. As time passed, my intuition and connection with SPIRIT became stronger. I learned years later that I was seeing through my third eye.


Yes, I did Past Life Regression...

It wasn't until I read "Many Lives, Many Masters" by Dr. Brian Weiss that I finally felt I was on the right path. My feelings were confirmed when I attended my first past life regression seminar led by Dr. Brian Weiss at Jacob Javits Center. During my first regression, I realized my life's mission was to help people heal because I was doing something in my past life.


For the next three years, I attended several past-life regression seminars, and with each workshop, I practiced psychometry with others and could see their past and future with clarity.


Why did you get certified as a Psychic Medium?

I realized that I possessed the "gift of sight" but needed guidance and training, so I obtained my psychic medium certification from the Holistic Studies Institute. I also wanted to heal people, so I became a certified energy healer.


As a certified psychic medium, I help people in grief seeking answers from the dearly departed. I also answer questions about relationships, careers, and life's mission. As a psychic, I read my clients' higher energy and answer questions about love, wealth, and the future. 


It's a gift from God, and for that, I am genuinely grateful.


 I give readings via FaceTime, phone, in-person and on Zoom as well. 

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