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What is a Psychic Reading?

A psychic reading is a connection to your energy. I am able to read your energy, interpret the vibrations visually, physically, and verbally, and then share the information. All of my heightened extensions are used to provide you with a visual, verbal and auditory representation of what I see, clairvoyance (👁), or feel, clairsentience (😔, 🙂, 🙁), or hear, clairaudience (👂). 

Do humans give off energy? Yes, radiation is produced by humans. Most of the electromagnetic radiation humans emit is infrared radiation, which has a frequency lower than visible light.

Energy from Humans

Humans emit electromagnetic radiation

Image of woman for photo reading

Third Eye

Third Eye Hindu Tradition "Gate of Soul"

What is the Third Eye? 

How do you use it?

I am able to connect with higher energy through my third eye. The third eye is in the center of your head. It's the sixth chakra, located on the forehead beneath the eyebrows. In the Hindu tradition, (which is part of my ancestry), it is referred to as the "gate of the soul." In the past, it was a gift I was given for intuitive practice. 

I was trained on how to enhance my third eye through daily meditation. 

Image of woman for photo reading

Purple Butterfly

Butterfly represents the metamorphisis from this life to Spirit

What is the difference between a psychic medium and a psychic?

I am certified as a psychic and a medium. A medium has the ability to communicate telepathically with the dead. I can sense Spirit, and so I am a communication channel for them to connect with their loved ones that are still alive. I specialize in connecting with the deceased, and I help people who are in grief find peace during their grieving journey. As a psychic, I can sense your energy, and as a medium, I connect with Spirit.

Image of woman for photo reading

Read Your Higher Energy

I am a psychic medium.

If you're not in front of a psychic medium, can they still read your energy?

Yes, and I know you must be thinking, how is that possible? It is and many amazing psychics and psychic mediums give readings over the phone or virtually through FaceTime or Zoom.  

90% of my readings are over the phone and my clients are happy because they were able to do it on their time and in a comfortable place. 


We all emit energy even if we are not physically in front of someone. Your voice gives off energy. We emit energy and it can be transmitted. The same way I am able to read telepathically from Spirit. 

The deceased are not physically present, but I am able to connect with their energy and give you the messages from them. 

If you have questions about getting a reading over the phone, contact me for a FREE 5 min consultation

Image of woman for photo reading

Photo Reading

Photo of a Psychic Tricia Lugo

What is a Psychic Photo Reading?

The eyes are the window to the soul. I'm able to read the current situation and the future of the person in the photo. I will also answer questions about the person in the picture. I am able to read the energy of the person from the photograph. 

I can do this online and over the phone or via Facetime or Zoom. 

What is Psychometry?

Psychometry is a form of heightened sensory perception.

I read about the energy of personal objects (necklace, phone, watch). I can also read the history of objects and see the things in the past that are connected to them.

As I meditate while holding the object, I will see images, feel emotions, and witness scenes through my third eye. I can sense the feelings connected to the object quicker than anything else. As a psychometrist, I can see and feel things that are not visible through regular sight.

This is available for in-person readings or events only.



Psychometry of a vintage necklack

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