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I offer psychic and medium readings over the phone,  

Zoom, or Face Time, WhatsApp or in person. 

I will do group readings as well as readings at parties. 

Call or text me at 929-352-4679 to schedule a reading.

How do I schedule a psychic reading?

Call or text me at 929-352-4679 

for a 5 minute consultation or book the appointment online. 

Click here for first time reading offer!

I don't do cold readings or last-minute readings. I offer my clients readings by appointment only. 

Why? Because I'm a certified psychic medium. You may ask what does that mean? Well, I trained for almost a year so that I can use my gift in the best way possible and provide you with the best reading. 

I meditate before each reading so that I'm ready to connect with your higher energy level and Spirit. I am able to spend time focused on you. 

My life's mission is to help others and I take priding in providing the best service.  

How long have you done psychic readings?

I've read for many clients over the last ten years. 

I'm a certified psychic medium and energy healer. I received my certification after nine months of training at Holistic Studies Institute. I help connect my clients with their loved ones that passed and are on the Other Side.

I read higher energy and future through intuitive readings. I provide answers to questions on romance, career, health, relationships.

Text me for a five minute consultation.

What should I send you before my reading?

  • 5 questions for 30 minutes 
  • 10 questions for a 60-minute reading
  • 3 pictures of people you have questions about for a 30-minute reading
  • 5 pictures of people you have questions about for a for a 60-minute reading

If our reading is schedule for in person. I can also read a personal item that you own.

I'm able to read energy off of objects (psychometry) it helps me to enhance the messages I deliver to you.

I want an individual reading but can I bring my friend?

A psychic medium reading can be very emotional for the client. I connect with the Spirit of loved ones that are no longer in physical form. We all carry energy with us so if someone else is with you during your reading their energy will also be present. I might read your friend's energy instead of you! 

A individual reading is a special time for you to receive messages in private. It's best to be in a quiet place for a reading with no distractions and no one else present. 



What questions should I ask for a reading?

It's amazing after you write one question, the rest will flow. Here are the TOP 20 questions I receive the most:

  1. Will my career improve? 
  2. Will I get a raise or promotion?
  3. Will my finances improve? 
  4. How can I make more money?
  5. How is my health? 
  6. Will I get sick from my current lifestyle?
  7. What energy is surrounding me at this time?
  8. Can you see my aura?
  9. My loved one passed, is he or she okay? 
  10. What message do they have for me or my family members?
  11. Are they are in a better place or at peace with their death?
  12. Is my loved one that passed around me? If so, what do they want me to know?
  13. Will my love relationship improve? 
  14. Will I find love soon? 
  15. Will I meet my soulmate? 
  16. Why did he or she break up with me? 
  17. Is he or she cheating?
  18. How can improve my marriage? How can improve my relationship?
  19. Why am I not happy?
  20. How do I become more peaceful?
  21. What is my life's mission?
I also ask for pictures of anyone that you have questions about. I can read pictures as well (need to see the eyes). 

How do I prepare 

for a psychic reading?

  • Clear your mind, if you can try breathing in out three times and with each inhalation take a deeper breath.
  • Choose a quiet spot to have your reading, if your at work go in your office or your car. If you live in a noisy house, go to your bedroom. If you can't find a quiet room go to your car. I do a lot of readings for people in their car or go to a quit area outside like a park. 
  • Read over your questions at least once. 
  • Have a pen and paper to write down anything important. I send all my clients a summary of the reading with additional messages within 48 hours. 

This is an opportunity for 

you to focus on yourself. 

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