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11 Steps to Connect with Your Loved One That Has Passed

  1. Be patient (it may take weeks or months).

  2. Give yourself time to heal from your grief before going on this after-death connection, because if you are still in heavy grief (crying, depressed, angry, extremely sad, or despondent), you should seek guidance from a medium or psychic medium.
  3. Meditate daily for seven to ten days to clear out all negative energy and bring in positive energy and white light.
  4. The practice of daily meditation is critical to allowing the energy of the things we can't see but feel to be more apparent because you are learning how to calm your mind.
  5. Practicing mindfulness for three to five days This is important because you will learn how to be still, and by being present in the moment, you will also become more aware of your higher conscience and of Spirit.
  6. After ten days of meditation and five days of mindfulness, take time to think of your loved ones that have passed, whether it be through sight, sense, smell, telepathy, or touch.
  7. It's important to know that you will need to learn to release your fears of the unknown and have faith in the process. Fear is the reason many people are not psychics or mediums. We are born with these gifts, but unfortunately, we are either discouraged from tapping into them or develop our own fears based on external experiences or our environment.
  8. If you're ready to connect with the deceased, I suggest picking a quiet room, lighting a white candle, and burning white sage before you begin.
  9. Then take time to meditate and ask the spirit of the person who is deceased to connect with you on a telepathic level. Take this moment to free talk, which means you say whatever comes to mind without thought, but pause between your questions or statements to feel the shift.
  10. Once you feel the shift, close your eyes, breathe in and out, and ask one simple question and wait for the answer. Try something that is easy first (e.g., do you have anything to tell me?). Have faith in the process; the moment you start wondering if it's your own mind speaking back, you're casting doubt in your mind. Have faith.
  11. It will take time, patience, faith, and practice. I strongly suggest you connect with a psychic medium for guidance or take a class.
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