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Do you ever feel like your energy is blocked? Do you feel like you can't speak your truth? Do you like you have a lot to express but can't release it? Do you lack inspiration? Do you feel unsafe and insecure? Do you feel like your not grounded or in chaos? If you answered YES to any of these questions, your chakras could be blocked. If your not sure or don't know if your chakras are blocked or have questions, contact me for a FREE 7 min consultation, 929-352-4679. We have seven energy chakras that are in a vertical line from the top of our head to the center of our body. I will help you clear your chakras and guide you finding your life's mission and purpose over seven session in less than two months. Each session is 45 minutes and it includes a meditation, chakra cleansing process and interepretation of the visions during the process. After each session you will be given a daily practice to help you in your life's mission discovery journey. You will also receive a journal for free writing as well as crystals for chakra cleansing rituals. The charge is per session so each session is $70. I will help you unblock your chakras to release tension, trauma, stress and infuse positive energy. I offer this option virtually. I will teach you how to heal and restore your chakra energy. Disclaimer: I cannot provide individual advice or counseling, whether medical, clinical or otherwise. If you are seeking specific advice or counseling, you should contact a licensed practitioner or professional, a social services agency representative, or an organization in your local community .

Energy Chakra Healing and Life's Mission Package - 7 sessions

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