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Suffering from stress? Feeling Anxious? Can't handle negative situations? Can't figure out how to be positive? Not sure why your unhappy most times?
If any of the statements I listed above sounds like what your going through then you may need an energy healing.
We absorb energy and we are made of energy. It's that simple.
Studies show that meditation is the best way to reduce stress. I will design a meditation specifically for you that can be practiced 10 minutes a day, that's less time than half the time to drink a cup of coffee (on average it's 21 minutes) and it will help you reduce anxiety, stress and improve cardiovascular health.
Did you know that the number one cause of death for men and women in America is heart disease.
The energy healing and meditation package includes:
  First Session: A guided chakra energy healing
Second Session: A second healing and a meditation based on your response to the healing. 
Each session is 60 - 90 minutes 
This can be done in person or remote. I do virtual and the results are same because all or guided through me to you. You have the power to heal through clearing your chakras and meditation so you can lead a more peaceful life. 


My services are designed to provide you with guidance and healing so that you can live a peaceful life. I am a chakra healer and a certified energy healer and the advice and guidance I provide on this website is based on my life and professional experiences.

You acknowledge that I am not a licensed therapist, psychologist, medical doctor, or any other licensed health care professional and that my services do not take the place of the care provided by psychologists, doctors, or other healthcare professionals.

By booking this service and/or reading any content on my website or social media or by developing your mediation you acknowledge that I am not a health care profession and in no way should my energy and chakra healing meditation package be mistaken for psychological counseling, psychotherapy, mental health counseling, or any other kind of psychotherapy, or as a replacement for medical guidance.

Energy Healing and Meditation Package

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