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I connect with Spirit (loved ones that passed away) to provide messages to you from the Other Side (heaven). I believe the deceased's soul ascends to the Other Side. As a certified psychic medium, I have served hundreds of clients, and my experience is always the same. I feel the presence of Spirit before the readings, half of the time several hours before or sometimes the day or night before the appointment. At times, I sense Spirit when I speak with a client scheduling their reading with me. That usually means the Spirit has something important to share or has never gotten a chance to connect with their loved one since they died. I will answer up to 6 questions (it can be a two part question for each question) that you have for yourself and SPIRIT. I will also read 3 photos based on living loved ones or friends connected to your loved one who passed. I look forward to the honor of connecting with your loved one or loved ones on the Other Side and providing you with the answers you are seeking for healing and for your future.

Medium Reading - 60 min - CLICK FOR MORE INFO

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