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I will read up to six photos of your loved ones or friends and provide you with answers about them by reading their energy and intentions in the photo(s) .I can also offer a psychic interpretation of your personality traits, fate, and health conditions by reading your photo.I can do this by looking at the face of someone in a picture and reading their energy and eyes. I can do facial readings on you, your lover, family members, friends, co-workers, etc., and share things that may surprise you!  I need to see the eyes because the eyes are windows to the soul. You can tell so much by looking into the eyes of a person.You may have questions about whether your boyfriend or girlfriend is faithful or if your friend is honest, or if your health is ok?All of those questions are attainable through a psychic face reading. You just  need to provide via text or email a photo of the person(s) with no glasses or sunglasses.Did you know that face reading or physiognomy originated in Ming China centuries ago (1368-1644 C.E.) The author, Xing Wang, investigates the intellectual and technical contexts in which the knowledge of physiognomy, also known as (xiangshu). It is recognized as a fortune-telling technique. This technique is a process of examining the human body and its material objects.My process is different because I am not a Fortune Teller . I am a certified Psychic Medium, but I feel it is essential to share the origins of face reading, which has evolved over the centuries.  I only read photos of people that are living. If you want a reading for a loved one who has passed, I can provide you with a" target="_blank">medium reading.I look forward to providing you with a psychic photo reading.

Psychic Photo Reading - 45min - Eyes are more than the soul!

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