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I will provide answers to 5 questions (which can be two-part questions) about love, career, money, friendship, romance, relationships, and loved ones that have died. Reading is 30 min. I will also read photos of anyone on your list of questions. I get asked a lot what kind of readings do I offer? I read your higher energy level, and I can also sense the deceased. My psychic side reads the energy that you emit. We have a higher self above our heads in energy form, and it's the perfect version of self. It is also your intuition, and you are sometimes guided by it. Think of it as sound waves from music on your phone. You can't see it, but you know it's there. I can sense it through my third eye. My medium side can sense and channel Spirit, so if the deceased is present, I will feel them through chills or some other form of presence as well as connect with them on the telepathic level. I become a medium or a conduit for them to communicate with the person during the session. Did you know that humans emit infrared radiation and electromagnetic energy? The average human at rest emits 100 watts of power. Upgrade your reading during the session to an hour for an additional $11.00! Brief Background: I went to the Holistic Studies Institute to train to become a Psychic Medium. Although I'm naturally intuitive and have been connected to Spirit since I was 8 years old, it was essential for me to become certified because I take the guidelines and code of ethics and the field of study seriously. I specialize in distant readings or what is sometimes called remote perception. I am an empath, clairvoyant, clairsentient and I speak to the dead. I am a certified energy healer, and I do chakra-guided healing and face readings. I look forward to providing you with a reading will answers questions about your life and your future as well as your loved ones and Spirit.

Special First Time Reading Offer - 30 minutes

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